GRIP – solenoid valve

Designed without seals
Continuously developed over 30 years

GRIP solenoid valves meet the highest requirements

Your advantages with GRIP valves:

  • no compressed air consumption: directly electrically operated
  • extremely fast response time: less than 20 milliseconds
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Sealless valve design
  • minimum wear
  • Operating pressure up to 15 bar and
    Operating temperature up to 120°C
  • suitable for use in mineral oils
    and water-oil emulsions

Life expectancy of GRIP valves

functional benefits

Superior characteristics compared to pneumatic valves

Comparison: Standard pneumatic valve vs. GRIP solenoid valve

GRIP solenoid valves have no dynamic seals.
This results in superior service life values and maximum maintenance intervals.

Standard pneumatic valves have design disadvantages compared to the GRIP solenoid valve. Seals in the dynamic range wear quickly and lead to leakages between the cooling medium and the pneumatic medium.

The result is a short service life and costly maintenance work.

GRIP solenoid valves eliminate these disadvantages due to their seal-free design.


Each valve is individually built and tested.